Dockyard Glassworks and Bermuda Rum Cake Factory


Parish: Somerset (Dockyard)
Hours: 9am – 5pm Mon – Fri, Opens 10am on weekends
Tantrum Rating: Content
Accessibility: Stroller Friendly
Food Options: None, Unless you’re buying a rum cake
Wallet Impact: Free!
Should you call first: Stop in anytime
Seating: Chairs available around the viewing area
Best age to bring: All kids welcome
Potty Time: 
Birthday Parties: Contact venue directly
Public Transportation Routes: Bus 7 or 8 headed into Dockyard or Blue ferry route out of HamiltonAdmission is free!


The Real Deal

Dockyard Glassworks a great experience to see up close and personal how glassblowers make beautiful creations come to life. There is a seated area where you can watch the glassblowers, and little ones can stand near the front if they choose for a better look. The glassblowers are separated by a partition to keep viewers at a safe distance from the machines where they work, but close enough where they can still interact with anyone who may have questions. The area is also very easily accessible by strollers. However it can get quite warm after several minutes of watching due to the high temperatures of the equipment they work with. There is a beautiful display of items for sale made by the glassblowers but little fingers must be careful not to grab or break anything. The glassblowers also daily breaks everyday at 10:30 and 2:30 and lunch break from 12:00-1:00.

The Bermuda Rum Cake Factory is also located at this site where Mom and Dad can taste samples of traditionally made Bermuda-made rum cakes in a variety of different flavors. Little ones aren’t allowed to sample the cake due to the rum used in the recipe but the friendly staff will give them a tea biscuit to try if you ask. Although there is no restroom located inside of the facility there are public restrooms near by.




Overall Experience
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4

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