Why I’m bringing the kid.com?

Motherhood has been the wildest ride I have ever undertaken so far.

I’ve had two Eureka moments, the first was on a midnight toilet run when I found myself in a precarious position at about four weeks old balancing a very loud and wriggly baby girl who – despite my stitches – did not want to be put down to politely wait for me to do what I needed to do. (babies are funny in that way)

So… off we both went to the toilet.

As I balanced her, the toilet paper and my very sore hooha – in my very sleep deprived state – a moment of complete clarity came – my life as I knew it had changed.

My second moment of clarity came when I attempted to go shopping in Hamilton and said baby, now 4 months old – ranked so royally, she could have had green smoke coming from her carriage.

I stopped and realized that I had no idea where to change her… where were the changing tables, the family bathrooms… ughhh?

Not only did I have to now do group outings to the toilet at home, I also had to figure out grocery shopping with this little person, vacations, caregivers and then I needed to find people who were like me, but not the old me, the new me that I hadn’t even realize had been birthed out of this whole process.

Logan teaches me daily about how to be a mama. She has forced me to figure out how to relearn doing the things that I used to do with ease before baby.

Here at I’m bringing the Kid.com we’re mamas and caregivers navigating life with a baby on hip, at hip and everything in between. From baby friendly facilities to baby friendly employees – we review it all right here – with a touch of cheekiness.

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